They’re On A Road To Nowhere

Posted September 4, 2008 by Steve-O
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After tonight’s 1-2 sucker punch of speeches by Guiliani and Palin, I’m shot out of a god damn cannon. 

Their vapid, cowardly attacks and constant sidestepping of the shithole their party has driven this country into has galvanized me and my support for Obama-Biden. 

The gloves are off.  Their speeches have set the stage for a true political shoot-out and their ammo stores are low.  The only thing Palin succeeded at tonight is proving that she not the visionary she’s been drummed up to be and she is down for a fight – so Biden and Obama should return in kind.  They should do so, but from a loftier position than she chose to shoot from.  The facts and experience are on their side.

Welcome to Sleeping Donkey, formerly known as Inflatable Dartboard.  It’s only sleeping because after the past 8 years, we should always strive to keep our party awake because as we witnessed tonight, they are not beneath sneaking up behind you and sliding the knife in.



Coming Soon…

Posted August 31, 2008 by Steve-O
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